Louis S. Viverito

Please call (708) 424-9200 ex. 123 to report animal concerns.

Animal Control

Concerns about lost pets, stray animals, and nuisance wildlife can be directed to the Animal Warden at (708) 424-9200 ext 123.

Steps To Take If You Lose Your Dog or Cat

• Report missing pets to your local police station and/or call Animal Control of Stickney Township at 708-424-9200.
• Log onto Facebook and register at Lostdogsillinois and Burbank Beat FB.

General Updates

• Have your dogs and cats micro chipped and don't forget to register the micro ship and keep it updated.
• Animals that are micro chipped are held for 7 days in the shelter and animals that are not chipped are held for 3 days.
• Dogs and cats are considered personal property and after their days are up, those in possession of them legally own them. If the finder decides to hold onto them istead of surrendering them to a shelter, they must follow the law by making every effort to find the owners. Those animals that heve been taken to the shelter have the same amount of days to be held.
• If you have wildlife frequenting your property please make every effort to keep it clean and free of food, including bird seed. You can get Coyote urine to deter them from coming on your property. Seal holes and get ride of any junk including cars that are not being used. Animals are about territory and who possesses what area so get busy and claim your own territory.
• Dog ppop is a high source of food for rats and if you don't pick it up daily, you may find yourself with a rat problem..
• Feral cats are common in Stickney Township, if you feed them, you won them. You must abide by the laws!
• Dogs must be leashed at all times.
• You must pick up after your dogs.
Thank you and we look forward to helping you in the future.