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Please call (708) 424-9200 ex. 123 to report animal concerns.

Animal Control

Concerns about lost pets, stray animals, and nuisance wildlife can be directed to the Animal Warden at (708) 424-9200 ext 123.

Animal Control News Spring 2016

We look forward to the warmer weather and are asking for everyone’s help with animal control issues.

This past fall and winter brought about many skunk sightings in Forest View and Stickney. We have trapped 8 skunks since November 2, 2015. Over 30 skunks were trapped from August to November 2015 in Stickney and Forest View alone. There are more roaming around looking for an opening under your deck or foundation. We are only allowed to trap from August to the middle of March due to the babies being born.

All wildlife is protected by law. Only those with a permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources are allowed to trap. If you have any nuisance wildlife we can take the appropriate action. Please call Animal Control at 708-424-9200 X2187.

We would also like your help with controlling the rat population. They can threaten the life of your pets as well as your own health. We have witnessed a number of dogs that have been infected with Leptospirosis and did not survive. Rats are carriers of this corkscrew bacterium which can also transmitted to humans.

Animal Control is insisting that dog owners pick up after their pets, not only when they are being walked, but even in your yards as well. Rats feed on dog and cat feces. Cat owners should remember that it is against the law to let your pet out unless it is leashed. Animal control receives calls from citizens about stray cats all the time and we respond by setting cat traps and impounding those we catch. It will cost $120 to get them released from the pound.

Please make sure your dog is on a leash when outside unless you have an enclosed yard. If your dog is off leash you may receive a hefty ticket if someone complains. It’s for the safety of your pet as well. One little Chihuahua didn’t make it back across the street after he was knowingly let out front on Central without supervision.

There have been dozens of dogs running at large in Burbank. Always be sure to lock your gates and secure your fences. If your dog is picked up and has a Burbank dog license (required by Burbank code) I will know right away where they live and take them home. If chipped I will also be able to identify. If there is no collar or chip they will be transferred to the Animal Welfare League facility on southwest Highway. The fee to release strays can be as much as $180. The safety of Stickney Township’s animals is our concern. All animals!

Steps To Take If You Lose Your Dog or Cat
• Report missing pets to your local police station and/or call Animal Control of Stickney Township at 708-424-9200.
• Log onto Facebook and register at Lostdogsillinois and Burbank Beat FB. Ask your neighbors if they saw them.

Dog Bites

Remember, if your dog bites someone and is not up to date on their rabies shot they must be impounded by law for 10 day rabies observation. As a result, it is the dog or cat owner’s responsibility to impound their animal at a veterinarian office for the 10 days at their own expense. The cost could be as much as $500.

If your dog is up to date on their shots your dog will only have to see the vet on the 1st day and 10th day of rabies observation.

There is a law in Cook County that is called The Dangerous Dog Act. If your dog bites 3 times in an unprovoked manner, or attacks another animal, they will be considered vicious.

Once they are deemed vicious there will be a hearing to determine their fate. In order to avoid this from happening to your pet, please train your dog and always control your pets.

For everyone’s safety and health follow these simple guidelines:

• Keep a collar with tags on your pet
• Keep currant rabies and city dog license
• Keep up to date on vaccines
• Don’t let your dog run loose.
• Don’t feed any domestic or wild animals outside.
• Don’t feed the birds.
• If you see something, say something.
• Additionally, if you feel that pets are being neglected by being left outside exposed to extreme elements, please contact our office.

Stickney Township Animal Control is not an animal shelter; nor is it affiliated with any shelter. We work for the cities and the residents of the Township of Stickney and take our animals to the Animal Welfare League facility on Southwest Highway in Chicago Ridge.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you in the future.